Pierre Dorge
Composer, bandleader and guitarist. Born in Copenhagen 1946. Leader of the 11-piece NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA, formed in 1980 and appointed Danish National Ensemble 1993-96. Self-taught musician, whose first (4-string) guitar was made by his father. His career took speed after winning the Danish Radio amateur competition three years on a string, with his Copenhagen Jazz Band.

Dorge turned out to be one of the most prolific and wide-ranging figures on the Danish jazz scene. He has been interested in modern jazz almost from the beginning of his career, but through the years he has also shown a keen curiosity towards other cultures and genres. To this combination of mutiple and widespread traditions Dorge has added his own tongue-in-cheek eccentricity, the result being his special brand of world music.

Dorge has composed for duos and big bands, for chamber orchestras & choirs, and had his first symphony performed in the Tivoli Concerthall in Copenhagen, in 1994. He has also written miles of music for the theatre (i.e. Peer Gynt, Hamlet & The Huntchbag from Notre Dame) as well as for motion pictures like The Wedding Photographer, Love and Hate & Holger Danske. All in all Dorge is good for more than 500 compositions.

Pulling on his extreemly broad background, Dorge creates a strong and surprising music. Most of the repertoire played by the NJO is composed and arranged by Pierre Dørge, who stresses his use of contrasts, between simplicity and complexity, between lull and storm.

Along his musical career Dorge performed with a.o.  Don Cherry, John Tchicai, NHOP, Billy Hart, David Murray, Sainkho, Svend Asmussen, Johnny Dyani, Marilyn Mazur and, of course, his wife Irene Becker.

As a composer, Dorge was in 1998 awarded a life grant from the danish state.