The Dorge-Becker-Carlsen Trio displays their own adventurous universe of airy worldmusic, in a close and intimate fashion. The compositions allows timely space for improvisation for the instruments, so the audience should expect to be taken on a long musical journey, an exploring a strange cruise of intense rhythms and melodies from Balkan, Bali, Africa, dada-jazz and maybe Iceland?

The three musicians have performed their music on large festivals and small intimate clubs, from Siberian Abakan to San Fransisco, as well as in the danish sandwich-shop in Reykjavik Iceland and in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Dorge-Becker-Carlsen also performed Dorge's Mass for Balkan at a string of church concerts, cooperating with danish vocal ensemble Ars Nova. All three musicians are further found in the line up of NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA.

Sometimes engaging in special projects, Dorge-Becker-Carlsen i.e. participated in the Mindship-project  in Copenhagen (1995) The first transatlantic concert on the web, performing with two american musicians in Los Angeles. The concert was displayed on mega-screens in the two cities.
It was great Dorge says, this way we could perform, improvise and exchange musical ideas -on the spot- with musicians situated thousands of miles away. Then adding with his foxy smile:
Now we can give up travelling completely!

Pierre Dorge: Guitar
Irene Becker: Keyboards
Morten Carlsen: Saxophones, Transylvanian taragot, ney-flutes


"Dorge and Carlsen are congenious musicians soulmates, complementary to one another in this mysterious mixture of Balkan, the East, Jamaica and Africa - and Becker is the aggregating factor with her beautiful playing on various keyboards."
- Jens Jorn Gjedsted

"..surprising and intense playing with genres and styles, in a humorous and intelligent chamber-jazz filled with beautiful melodylines and twists, with almost the whole worlds music in the mirror".
- Jakob Levinsen