New Jungle Orchestra

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Pierre Dorge’s New Jungle Orchestra

Sketches of IndiaLive at birdlandNEW CD: NY CD (december 2011)

Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra: Sketches of India / Steeple Chase SCCD 31728

Copenhagen-based New Jungle Orchestra plays highleveled worldmusic rooted in jazz ! The eleven-piece band has in its 30-year history fascinated and inspired audiences around the world, leaving their distinct mark on all five continents. The ingredients in their mad musical meltingpot are nordic, west-african, arabian, and asian music beautyfully amalgamated with influences of Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Duke Ellington and Charlie Mingus.

Throughout the years New Jungle Orchestra has managed to preserve a contagious enthusiasm, and true curriousity along with a deep respect for musical roots. With their virtuoso and humoresque musicality they are guaranteed to give your audience the unique and extraordinary experience.

The orchestra has placed itself as one of the most original and enjoyable groups to be heard on the global music scene today - and they have 18 great recordings to prove it. World music in the true sense of the world.

NJO was touring  Brazil ,China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, Ghana, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia, Italy, Austria, Estonia, the US of A, Vietnam, Poland and Latvia.


Pierre Dørge: Guitar
Morten Carlsen:  Saxophones & Taragot
Jakob Mygind: Saxophones 
Kenneth Agerholm: Trombone
Irene Becker: Keyboards
Thommy Andersson: Bass
Ayi-Solomon: Percussion
Martin Andersen: Drums
Gunnar Halle: Trumpet
Anders Banke: saxophones, bassclarinet


New Jungle Orchestra, Akasaka Palace, Tokyo Nov. 2004.


"The Danish guitarist creates an exotically hued, rhythmically vibrant music that is simultaneously sophisticated and accessible. Pierre Dørge´s NJO has been one of jazz´s most consistently engaging big bands of the last decade."
- Down Beat

"It is unabashedly one of Europe´s most sophisticated jazz bands"..... "Dørge and band don't simply reverently imitate the Ellington jungle-sound, but ironically and humorously carry that sound to its logical musical conclusion"..... "His (Dorge´s) imaginative play with African styles and instrumentation, is unparalleled by any other musicians not of African descent"
- Norman C. Weinstein

"From the opening notes, New Jungle Orchestra goes up on two wheels and fearlessly spins through."
- C. Michael Bailey

"One of the most original, exuberant and, dare I say it, fun jazz concerts seen for some time."
- Sydney Morning Herald

"Whimsical, unpredictable, mindexpanding...great fun."
- Chip Deffaa, New York Post

"There may not be a more infectious force in jazz than guitarist Dorge and his freewheeling 11-member Danish ensemble."
- Lloyd Sachs, Chicago Sun-Times

"New Jungle Orchestra brings fun back into jazz."
- Paul Blair, Jakarta Post.

"El Talentoso New Jungle."
- Excelsior, Mexico.

"Sebuah upaya yang sungguh simpatik."
- Kompas, Jakarta.

"Music without prejudice instrumentalists on a very high level."
- La Voz de Interior, Argentina.